How it started

Gambia was an English colony, where many Englishmen still live to this day. The community speaks English and is very friendly to tourists. Gambia is called:

“The smiling coast of Africa”.

It is one of the safest countries in Africa, where eight different ethnic groups live in peace and harmony, treating each other with respect and with dignity.


The estate is located near the village of Sanyang. This is one of the most evolving regions of Gambia both in terms of development as well tourist.

The village is located in the vicinity of the most beautiful beach in the country Paradise Beach (about 2 km).

At the same time it is well connected to major shopping centers, entertainment centers and the airport. Our houses are built in a small village Dea, inhabited by the Christian community of Mandiago.

The whole area is surrounded by magnificent typical African plants: palm trees, cashew orchards and mangroves

  • It is one of the safest countries in Africa,
  • Recommended vaccinations are not required.
  • The visa requirement was abolished.
  • Dining costs are low.
  • There is a modern private hospital near Sanyang.
  • You can buy European food and alcohol.


  • Tourism accounts for 16% of GDP and is the fastest growing economic sector.
  • The second most competitive country in the world in terms of travel and tourism.
  • Hundreds of highly qualified employees are trained each year.
  • Warsaw-Banjul airliners are available in the holiday season: October-March prices start from 800 PLN in two directions.
  • In the off season you can find convenient connections from London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Canary Islands and Manchester.
  • For those who enjoy the holiday, we provide free of charge beach shuttles, quad bike access, private bar and sun loungers on the beach, organization of events and excursions, etc.
  • We also have our own buses, jeeps, taxis and motorbikes for hire.

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80 km

Of Coastline

800 PLN

Fly Ticket Price

59 %

UK Tourist


The most competitive country in West Africa 80 km of unspoiled navigable coastline and river Winner of many ecotourism awards