Investment Presentation.

Purchase the fully furnished ready-to-go houses completely with a 225 m2 property parcel and access to the entire infrastructure of the facility.

Cost of investment is 35,000. euro.


Installment payment method:

Investor pays a deposit of minumum 20% when signing the contract, the remainder after the investment*

* Acquisition of property occurs after the full price has been paid, this option is very limited – only for few investors

Service Charges:

Monthly rent of approximately € 50, will include staff maintenance, minor repairs or wireless internet. Water from own well, electricity supplied with solar panels manufactured in Germany by the reputable Sharp company.

Legal acquisition of real estate

Initially, this is defined by a civil law contract written by a lawyer, and later on at the personal presence of the property owner in Gambia all legal and tax formalities related to the purchase of land and home will be completed.

At the end…

The investor acquires full registered ownership of the building along with its parcel in the form of a notarial deed.


Property Parcel

35 000 EUR

Cost of Investment

20 %

Signing Depisit